Popular Wrinkle Removers That Are Safe To Use

Wrinkles are just among the primary issues you can encounter once aging affects your body or system. It is apparent that as you get older, wrinkles are next. It is a part of your aging process.

However, it sometimes bothers a lot of people for it can damage your looks greatly. There are various causes that contribute to wrinkles, first of which is the natural division of cells in your skin.

Due to this, the dermal layer of your skin begins to thin, resulting in poor structure and stretchiness of the skin. Furthermore, this results in moisture loss.

On the other hand, it is possible that due to facial muscle contractions, you will develop wrinkles due to the prominence of frowning, smiling, and squinting lines. Plus, exposing your skin to too much sun also damages the skin.

Fortunately, no matter how great the possible causes of wrinkles are, there are still wrinkle removers to assist you in treatment.

To give you the popular treatments for wrinkle removing, here are the following:

  • Collagen Injections

collagen injectionsThese are popular wrinkle removers. It is a pretty good choice for what you will target is skin’s natural component, which is collagen. The injections come in forms that are relatively bovine-based.

The popular names for collagen injections are Zyplast and Zyderm. Under this treatment, collagen substance is relatively injected into the affected area of your skin.

After injection, the replacement for collagen fills the spaces below the skin to produce a plumping effect. This results in lesser appearance of the wrinkles.

  • Botox

This is another popular treatment, which is preferred as a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment for wrinkles. This is involved with the Botulinum toxin injection into the wrinkles’ muscles.

The procedures avoid the acetylcholine release, which is needed for the contractions of the muscle. As a result of no contraction, the wrinkles will not develop for the skin will remain smooth.

Furthermore, even the prominence or appearance of wrinkles will no longer be evident for most of the time. Despite the side effects of Botox, experts made it possible to reverse such effects by developing a safer version of Botox.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

This is a common treatment for it is also a procedure that targets natural component present in the body, which is hyaluronic acid.

Once the acid is injected into the body, the acid works similarly to how collagen works. Consequently, your skin will plump up and the surrounding skin of your wrinkles will definitely be smoothed out.

  • Chemical Peel

This is considered effective, yet it uses chemicals, such as trichloroacetic acid or phenol. The procedure removes the outer layers of the skin to allow smoother and new skin to develop. As a result of new skin layer, the development of the wrinkles will cease.

The above treatment procedure are the ones considered as the top procedures to counter wrinkles.

Better yet, an expert or a doctor must be consulted first before undergoing any of the treatments for the doctor may recommend another option depending on your wrinkles.

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