How to Treat Acne Naturally

At some point, approximately three quarters of people ages 11-30 will suffer from acne. Though common for adolescents and young adults, people in their fifties may still be getting acne.

Some experts claim that the primary cause is the rise of androgen – which is one type of hormone, while others simply blame it to genetic.

Anyone suffering from acne knows how relieving it is for an acne infection to be treated. Such relief however fades upon realization that a scar is left on the surface.

Acne scars though aggravating, are common. Severe scarring arises when one picks at his pimple and this will eventually lead the acne to spread and form on other areas of the skin.

For the purpose of treating acne, many people usually opt for any medicine as a way out. A number of dermatologists prescribe topical creams and oral medication.

Though medical treatment may be effective, any natural remedy should be an option because these too can treat skin problems in a more natural and healthier way.

When trying natural remedies to cure acne, it is a must to make sure that your skin is clean and well-hydrated. Cleansing works to remove bacteria on the skin and excess oil. A mild cleanser works best if used morning and night.

It is also important to use a toner to avoid oil from penetrating deep down your skin. Lastly, one must moisturize twice a day using a non-greasy or oil-free moisturizer to prevent any breakout as this will minimize the surfacing of oils on the skin.

  • apple cider vinegarOne natural remedy you can try is the apple cider vinegar (ACV). This works as a likely toner for the skin. Start by a mixture of organic ACV and equal parts water and simply swab a layer over the offensive acne. ACV leaves your skin refreshed and invigorated. This also aids to balance the tone of your skin.
  • You may also try the lemon with sugar coating. Just cut an organic lemon in half and use white sugar to cover the flat surface of the fruit. Lightly massage all over your clear, moist face. This helps get rid of excessive oil, dull or dead skin cells, and any bacteria thriving on your face which may cause acne.
  • Organic papaya can also remove dead skin cells and other impurities. You may simply squash the flesh of the papaya and use it as a face mask. Let it stay on your face for roughly 15 minutes, rinse with temperate water, pat it dry, and finish with an oil-free moisturizer.
  • Rubbing lime juice on your skin can make your skin tone even and can also add to skin rejuvenation. As it acts as an astringent, it will also fight against acne.
  • To top all these, anyone can actually go organic. Organic foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, are by far better than any food processed with chemicals. With our bodies created to process food in the most natural way, processed foods may not be helpful as it may have negative effects on our bodies. Should you decide to make a switch, your body and you skin will appreciate you.

Natural remedies will treat your acne and will help you avoid its worsening condition through time.

All these natural therapy are way safer than any chemical countermeasures that may not be budget-friendly at all. It pays to do things a little more easily and naturally.

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